Boost Your eCommerce Sales With ShopBuddy AI

Offer personalized shopping experiences to your customers and convert queries into conversions


Revolutionize Customer Interaction With AI & ChatGPT

Convert your store into AI-powered sales machine and stay ahead of the competition


% Boost in Sales


How it Works?

Simple Configuration Process For Quick Launch

Get your eCommerce AI chatbot up and running in no time. Enjoy a hassle-free setup, quickly integrate the AI autopilot in your store for instant responses. 

Key Features

Choose ShopBuddy to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

ChatGPT 3.5 & GPT-4

Deliver precise and highly accurate responses with the latest AI language models


24/7 Online Assistant

Round-the-clock availability to engage & respond to customer questions anytime


No-Code Platform

Launch your shopify AI chatbot effortlessly with our simple, no-code setup.


Personalized AI Training

Tailor responses with AI training functionality, ensure accuracy to multiply conversions


What We Provide

14-days Free Trial

We offer a worry-free 14-day trial, allowing you to test our chatbot’s impact on your sales. Explore its full capabilities and experience firsthand how it effectively engages your customers, answers their questions, and boosts conversion rates.


Our Services

ShopBuddy - The Ultimate AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Brand-Specific Chat Greetings

Train & Adapt your AI

Track Conversations

Edit Your AI Responses

Upsell & Cross-sell

Double Sales & Revenue

Working Process

We link to your eCommerce store & sell your products for you


Get ShopBuddy AI

Choose a plan & gain access to your AI chatbot for eCommerce


Product Fetching

Your chatbot automatically syncs with your entire catalog


Link to eCommerce Store

Integrate the eCommerce AI chatbot with your store with 3-step setup 


Tailored Responses

Personalized shopping experiences with AI chat support

Pricing Package

Affordable Pricing Plans for Your Brand-Specific Needs

Free Plan

/7 days
  • 7 days trial
  • 500 Product Recommendations
  • 80,000 tokens
  • Access to all premium features

Basic Plan

/Per Month
  • 14 days trial
  • GPT model 3.5
  • 500 Product Recommendations
  • 150k tokens in trial
  • Includes 3.5M tokens/month

Premium Plan

/Per Month
  • 14 days trial
  • Ability to change GPT model to 4
  • 500 Product Recommendations
  • 300k tokens in trial
  • Includes 16.5M tokens/month


Frequently Asked questions

What is ShopBuddy?

ShopBuddy offers a no-code platform for building AI chatbots, leveraging cutting-edge scraping technology to deliver immediate and precise responses to customer inquiries 24/7.

How can I add my chatbot to my website?

Adding your eCommerce AI chatbot is a few clicks process – simply navigate to Dashboard, select 'Install to your store,' and then click 'Install.' Currently, you have the option to install it manually by inserting our code snippet into your site's header. Soon, you'll also be able to integrate seamlessly with our partner platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, and more.

Can I give additional instructions to my Shopify AI chatbot?

Yes, you have the flexibility to modify various settings, including your contact details and the welcome message. Additionally, you can create custom corrections in response to your customers' inquiries, enabling your eCommerce AI chatbot to learn and refine its responses over time.

Can I train the AI to give more accurate answers?

ShopBuddy provides a train your AI functionality to its users, allowing precise modifications to the AI's replies. If the AI’s responses are not satisfactory, you have the option to make corrections and propose the ideal answer for similar questions in the future.